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Packing is a crucial part ahead of your trip and there’s an art to packing efficiently! Here are some top tips to follow:

Packing list

Start off with putting together an informed packing list to help keep you well organised and to prevent you from over packing. Then try to pack in advance so you have time to relook over your items and remove anything unnecessary. It also gives you a chance to pack anything you may have initially forgotten to pack!

Choosing the right bag

The right type of luggage depends on the type of trip and the length of time you’ll be away. For example, if you’re travelling to a few different places you might want to take a large traveller's backpack. If it’s a short trip, it may be more suitable to pack everything in a carry-on suitcase. This allows you to save time as you won’t have to wait to collect your luggage, there’s no chance it will get lost, and it also makes it easier to pack and unpack with less stuff to go through. It will also save you some money as most airlines charge more to check in a bag.

Travel scale

It is worth getting a travel scale, especially if you tend to go over the weight restriction! It will also help you to prioritise items in order of importance when packing.

Rolling vs. Folding

There has always been a big debate over whether it is more effective to roll or flat pack your clothes.
Rolling your clothes results in less creasing and helping to keep them more organised. But there are some types of clothing items that end up taking more space if rolled. I personally think a mixture of rolling and folding is the best way forward.

Keeping organised

Using packing cubes will help you to stay organised and fit more items in. It is definitely satisfying knowing where everything is! Also having a bag with a drawstring for your laundry helps you know exactly what needs washing when you get back home.

So next time you are travelling for work or leisure, follow these tips.

Helping You To Pack Like A Pro

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