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Surely attempting to eat healthier is one of your new year’s resolutions!

I have always found eating healthy is difficult while working away from home. Here are 3 top tips to help you focus on having a healthier working trip away:

Stay in accommodation with a kitchen

Be sure to select accommodation that has a fully equipped kitchen, especially if you are staying away for more than one night, as the most simplest and effective way of staying healthy is cooking your own meals. It is easy to forget about portion control when you’re out!

Choose recipes that are based on lean proteins such as turkey, chicken, or lean red meats like fillet of pork. Restaurants and takeaways seem quick and easy when you’re your tired, but the meals can often make you feel even more sluggish and you certainly won’t get the nutrients you need!

fully equipped kitchens

Be prepared – Fail to plan, well plan to fail!

Be sure to bring along some healthy snacks so that you are not tempted to reach for the unhealthy food in the vending machine or at the greasy local café. Foods high in protein will help to keep you fuller for longer. Some of my favourite protein rich snacks include – Warburton’s protein bagels, Grenade protein flapjack bars, Turkey slices, and just simply some almonds or trail mix.

Careful selection

If you do decide to eat out at a restaurant, before you get there make sure you check the menu. It means you have made an informed decision and can’t be influenced by other people you are dining with. There’s also no harm in asking for healthier alternative suggestions or asking if a dish can be adapted e.g. swap chips for a salad or some vegetables. There is also the option of having a starter as your main course, as restaurants do tend to serve bigger portions than you would normally tend to have at home.

Follow these top tips to help keep your waistline in check whilst working away from home!

Looking for accommodation?

If you’re interested in staying in Derby and need some spacious accommodation with fully equipped kitchens, give Jas at Pride Apartments a call on 01332 5100, or email, as you will get the best price if you Book Direct.

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