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Looking for an activity packed day in the Peak District? Matlock Bath offers a range of attractions to visit with friends and family that are sure to make a memorable day out for everyone. Our guide includes a range of activities that are free, and many of the places in Matlock are dog friendly too.

Matlock Bath Aquarium and Exhibitions

A must see when you visit Matlock! The Matlock Bath Aquarium and Exhibitions features a range of aquatic life from around the world as well as a converted outdoor thermal pool now filled with koi. It’s not just the Aquarium that’s included with your ticket, there’s also a mind-bending holographic picture gallery and the petrifying well, where items from Victorian tourists have been turned to stone. The Matlock Bath Aquarium and Exhibitions is a great place to stop by, there’s also plenty for kids to see.

Matlock Bath Aquarium and Exhibitions

Larger Attractions

There’s a variety of attractions to visit in Matlock such as the Peak District Mining Museum where you can learn about the local history of the Peak District through the various exhibits, located in the pavilion along the main street. Up the hill is also Gulliver’s Kingdom Theme Park, a great amusement park for families with young children. There is also the Heights of Abraham where you get to ride a cable cart up the ravine and look down at the town below, as well as explore caves on a tour and learn about the quarrying history of the area.

Peak District Mining Museum

Arcades, Shops and Fish & Chips

Matlock is like a seaside town- but with a river rather than a sea! Along the river front are a variety of unique small businesses, from clothing to gift shops, and an endless number of arcades to try your luck at. There’s a selection of fish & chip shops, ice cream parlours and tearooms to stop at for lunch, as well to take a break from walking around that everything Matlock has to offer.

Arcades, Shops and Fish & Chips

Derwent Gardens & Lovers Walk

Derwent Gardens plays host to the annual Matlock Illuminations, from September through October. The gardens have several thermal pools and beautiful gardens that make for a breath-taking view. There is also a large playground for children to enjoy until their hearts content. A great way to the end the day if you’re beginning to get tired of the noisy street is Lovers Walk, it takes you on a short trail along the riverside and up the cliff, leading you back to one of the main car parks at the end of the street.

Matlock is easily accessible from Derby City Centre, either by car, with a drive along country lanes or a train ride from Derby Train Station directly to Matlock Bath Station. It the perfect weekend day trip for when you stay in Derby.

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