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Staying away from home and looking for some simple recipe suggestions to try...? Here at Pride Apartments in Derby we provide fully equipped kitchens, so we thought we would share some of our favourite recipes for you to test out.

Tasty French Toast

Let’s start simple! French toast is an easy scrumptious meal that can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. This French toast recipe only requires a handful of basic ingredients. It doesn’t take long to prepare either, which is perfect for when you have to get up early for a day full of business meetings!

Want to save even more time? Check out this French toast casserole recipe, prepare it the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning whilst you get dressed for the day. No need for any mess and you get a proper breakfast to start your day.

What about something a bit extra with this French toast with apples recipe, a great chance to get one of your five a day. This recipe only takes a little more time than a traditional French toast recipe but makes all the difference in taste.

Tasty French Toast

Fancy a Thai Green Curry or a Paneer Korma?

Whilst you’re away you may be tempted into having a few takeout’s across the week. But why not have a go at making your own curry – a healthier and cheaper alternative to takeout. Curry is great as it’s not only filling, but you can also make extra so you have a few meals prepared to eat through the week. A good idea if you’re staying away for a while and don’t have the time during the week to prepare full meals for yourself.

There’s a variety of different curries to try. Why not try out this Thai green curry recipe or for vegetarians this Paneer korma. For those who are short on time or not that confident in their culinary skills these recipes may seem a little intimidating at the start but there’s always the option of buying premade curry sauces in jars or curry kits in the supermarkets. They can save a lot of time and mess if cooking from scratch isn’t an option for you!

Not Any Old Coffee But Dalgona Coffee

Chances are if you’ve been on TikTok this past year you’ve tried this out at some point. This is just one of the many recipes that the social media app sent viral during lockdown. This recipe is definitely for those who are tired of their usual morning coffee and want to do something a bit more fun, the recipe involves whipped coffee in milk. A great treat in the summer to cool down with and to get your caffeine fix.

Of course whilst there is the basic recipe to try out (which we definitely recommend to those who haven’t tried it before) we also came across this chocolate version for all you chocoholics out there. Whilst most recipes use an electric whisk, you can also whisk by hand (though it may take a little more time). You can also store any extra you make in the fridge or freezer, or some people have been spreading it on cakes too!


Who Doesn’t Love Pizza??

Another do-it-yourself takeaway classic. Making your own pizza is not only far healthier and cheaper than eating out, but it can also be a fun activity. Setting up a make your own pizza station in your accommodation is a great evening activity for families, couples or even just for yourself.

Want some inspiration for your next pizza creations? Why not check out this next level margarita pizza to upstage that takeaway.
Want to try something a bit different, then check out this creative pizza ring recipe, sure to be a show stopper at any pizza making session - not to mention delicious!

Ready to try out these recipes next time you travel? We would love for you to share some of your favourite recipes with us, which we can then pass onto our guests.

Our accommodation is perfect for those who are visiting Derby for business or leisure. Pride Apartments has spacious rooms to set up workstations, fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, laundry area and friendly helpful staff who are on standby to answer any queries you have before, during or after your stay. You’ll have plenty of space and everything you will need to try these recipes out in our apartments.

If you’re interested in staying in Derby and need some spacious accommodation, give Jas at Pride Apartments a call on 01332 5100, or email, as you will get the best price if you Book Direct.

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