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What should you be on the look out for when securing the best accommodation possible for when you’re working away?

Location, Location, Location

Obviously when travelling for work you already know where you are heading, but you need to consider your accommodation location too. Ideally you want to be not too far from where you will be having any meetings, or not far from your temporary workplace, so you do not have to worry about travel time. It is always a good idea to double check your nearest public transport links, train frequency and taxi availability in the area too.


Nearby facilities

If you are planning on staying for an extended period of time do not forget to check how close the supermarket is!

Make sure you keep a copy of your receipts if you claim back expenses. Saves you racking your brain a few weeks later when Dave in accounts is demanding to know why you spent £8.42 at the Sainsburys in Derby. Oh and don’t take the biscuit, if you’re eating out on the company then don’t take liberties. Check what is and isn’t allowed.


Work hard, play hard

Do not forget it’s not all about work, make sure the place is suitable for relaxing too, perhaps with nearby restaurants, bars or somewhere to take a quiet walk. Make sure you take care of your work life balance as well!

Also, don’t forget to also check current government guidelines before you travel.


Need space

When comparing accommodation options, consider how much space you require. If you’re going to be working in your accommodation as well as living in it, you may have a few extra things to consider, as we have all learnt from working from home this last year.

Having enough space for a workstation might be essential when you take your next trip, so that you have enough space to stay organised and can also walk away and take a break from the work area. If you require Wi-Fi, it might be worth checking reviews to see if people have mentioned the quality or signal strength.


Onsite facilities

It’s not just workstation facilities you may need to consider if you’re planning on a long stay away for work. Unless your bags can fit 2 weeks of clothing in them, you are going to need some laundry facilities. Not to mention Kitchen facilities, as eating out regularly can be pretty expensive as well as unhealthy.

Also, just because you’re working away from home it doesn’t mean you should have to miss your latest Netflix series. So if continuing with your series is a must make sure you check the facilities available at the accommodation you’re staying at.

Car parking availability

If you’re driving or have a van with tools you’ll definitely want some secure car parking. You also need to consider your budget for this or whether the accommodation provides this free of charge as it’s likely to be more costly if you’re staying within the city centre.

Look around the town

It’s important to check what is nearby. Going to your place of work and then coming back to your accommodation or working and staying in the same place can become monotonous and tiring. You need to realise that there are places outside of work and your accommodation to explore. Check out any local events, or local parks, gardens, and other recreational areas that you can hit up.

Working away

Working away in Derby?

There’s plenty to see whilst you’re in the area, with the Derby Museum, Derby Cathedral and a variety of places to eat and drink (check out some of our previous blog posts where we’ve covered this).


If you’re working away in Derby and require accommodation... Pride Apartments has got you covered.

Pride Apartments is a family run business providing affordable, clean and comfy accommodation, with the options of double and twin rooms that can cater up to six people per apartment. Located only a short distance away from Derby Train Station and Derby Bus Station, we’re the perfect choice for your next successful business trip. Pride Apartments has fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry facilities. These are super spacious apartments that offer plenty of space for you to set up your workstation, with free Wi-Fi, free beverages for your work break, and free Netflix ready for you to unwind at the end of the workday. There is also free gated parking, so you don’t have to worry about parking tickets or finding a space nearby.

If you’re interested in staying in Derby and need some spacious accommodation, give Jas at Pride Apartments a call on 01332 5100, or email, as you will get the best price if you Book Direct.

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